8.8.2022 update

Pastor Slava and his church have renewed their in person church services in Kyiv. Pastor Slava is driving Sunday morning to Kagarlyk to preach, and then he drives to Kyiv to have his service with Mercy and Truth Church at 3:00pm. After their church service they drive back to their current place of residence in a different city. Please continue to pray for Pastor Slava and his family. Pray for Mercy and Truth Church and their witness in Kyiv, where God has placed them in this crucial time. 

4.26.22 UPDate

"Today we have wired some money to Berdyansk. It is a city in the South of Ukraine. It is now being occupied by the Russian army. I knew one Baptist pastor from the city, so I contacted him. His church is helping their members and many needy people who were able to move out from Mariupol. One family they reached out to had been in Mariupol's theatre which was destroyed. They said on the news that approximately 300 people died in its bombing. So they survived that bombing and were able to get to Berdyansk. 

Prayer Request:

"Please pray for that pastor and others who are helping because in other churches in that area, some ministers were taken by Russians to some place. After 4 days, they freed one brother, and for the others they are still praying. They do not know if they are okay or not. The wife of one of these brothers is pregnant and expecting a child."

4.10.22 Update

"Thankful to God for the church. The war has made its own adjustments to all of us. Today the members of our church "Mercy and Truth" are scattered throughout the country. Thanks to God's providence, the members of our church are all safe, although members suffered from the "Russian peace". We communicate via chat and conduct online services, also provide financial and other assistance to each other. Church members are spreading the Gospel of Christ, they participate in the life of other local churches, and preach the Word. We are not alone; friends and other churches that find themselves in much more difficult circumstances. We are full of hope, knowing that God has not finished His work in us, and God has preordained good works for us to do. Ephesians. 2:8-10"

Updates from Ukraine

This is pastor Viacheslav Kruppa (Slava). He pastors a church in Ukraine called Mercy and Truth and our church has the privilege to support his ministry. This page will be updated regularly to post updates on what God is doing through Slava and his church throughout this difficult time in Ukraine as well as prayer requests. He is currently shepherding his scattered church in Kyiv through Zoom while also leading a local congregation who asked him to serve as their pastor when their pastor had to leave the area. 

Housing Refugees

This is  a church called "Golgotha Church". Mercy and Truth has helped them whenever they are able. They recently helped prepare this place for refugees to live there.  Currently there are 25-35 people who live there and are receiving humanitarian aid. The people who have sought refuge here are people who live in different cities who came under shelling. 

If you would like to donate to our Missionary and Relief fund in Ukraine, please click on the link below and select "Designated Fund".